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"After being left feeling completely abandoned by two previous realtors we were in desperate need of one who wouldn’t just throw us on an email list and forget all about us. We sincerely needed someone who could help us regain our faith that there was a home out there for us…and Mark was more than what we could have hoped for.
He gave us 100% from day one all the way through until he handed us the keys to our dream home. Polite, professional, extremely prompt, calm and very knowledge. He gave us solid guidance through what could have been a stressful and daunting process. At the first sign of our anxiety he would tackle the concern and help us regain peace of mind. His responses were so prompt and thorough, honestly, we always felt completely spoiled by his awesome service.
Although we had a very modest loan he always gave us hope that there was a home out there with our realistic criteria and in our price range and he never gave up until we had what we both wanted. In all honesty, I have to admit that my husband and I were not the easiest clients either. My husband and I didn’t exactly meet eye-to-eye on what we wanted yet somehow Mark worked it out and found us a home we are both thrilled with!
He made sure to acknowledge every member of the family and always kept everyone included in the process…even our 4-year-old daughter (he is not only good with names but even remembered her nickname “Choo Choo” :) He was always willing to promptly schedule a home viewing that best suit our schedule.
He kept our “wish list” in mind and promptly brought homes to our attention that met our criteria. He was obviously busy especially towards the end of the year but he NEVER ONCE kept us waiting nor made us feel less important. He even found a mistake on our documents just DAYS away from closing and he had it rectified in time.
Although he is not exclusively our realtor…he will be our realtor for life!
With Sincerest Gratitude,"

- The Stokes Family - Salem, OR

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